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The AdaptiveMobile Blog

iCloud Attacks Expand

Spam being sent from hacked iCloud accounts increased massively in the last month. We profile the changes that have taken place, and what you need to do to protect yourself.

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iCloud, iHack, iSpam

Using hacked iCloud accounts, attackers have opened up a new front in ways to send messaging abuse to innocent phone users. We explore how, why, and the impact of these attacks.

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Robbed in Broad Daylight – SMS Identity Theft

With the rise of A2P SMS messages, sent for purposes such as new service activation, two factor authentication (2FA) and password reset, comes the opportunity for another avenue of cybercrime exploits…SMS Identity Theft!

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Gotta Spam ‘em All - Pokémon GO Spam

Pokémon GO has become a global phenomenon and has brought augmented reality technology to the masses. However, like any topical or popular issue it is been taken advantage of by scammers and fraudsters. In this blog we look at how Pokémon GO scams are being distributed through SMS spam.

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The OTT-portunity: a crime evolution

While mobile threats are growing in complexity, the risk of an unsophisticated attack on a new bearer remains a concern for mobile operators. We look at a simplistic piece of malware targeting subscribers throughout North America, and what’s been driving the change in attack methods.

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Anti-SPAM Day 2016

I enjoyed the recent video created by Snapple named "Telegraph spam" so much I wanted to investigate the historical basis of the video.The first unsolicited bulk telegraph message was sent 152 years this week. It is clear, that the same situation then and now drive the formation and growth in messaging abuse.

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Craigslist SMS Phishing

Craigslist SMS phishing (or SMSishing) is one of the most popular and growing SMS scams in North America today. We provide analysis about these scams and the reasons why they have become a favorite tool of scammers.

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Who’s been watching my puppy?

Having set up petcams in my home to remotely monitor my new puppy’s behaviours with my 4G smart device when I am out, I was reminded about Shodan, the search engine that looks for IoT devices such as webcams and makes their streams available for viewing by anyone on the internet.

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SS7 Security : Putting the pieces together

Recent news releases bring to life what are possible via SS7 attacks. We show how state agencies have been gathering this information in the past, and give an example of the scale of what is possible, via a major SS7-caused outage in a European operator.

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Tracking the Trackers: The most advanced rogue systems exploiting the SS7 Network today

We’re releasing more information this week from our research into SS7 attacks, read on to understand the most complex and advanced rogue systems in the SS7 network that are tracking people worldwide without their knowledge today

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