Can they hear you now? Hacking Team & SS7

30th Jul 2015

The recent Hacking Team revelations allows us to delve deeper into the murky world of surveillance systems for hire. What we find shows that the mobile surveillance industry extends beyond just simple apps on a phone, to include the SS7 network.

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Don’t Get Paralysed by Stagefright

29th Jul 2015

An exploitable flaw has been discovered in Android's source code, allowing hackers to remotely access a mobile device through a simple text message.
We take a look at the situation and assess whether this is the "heartbleed for mobile" that people are making it out to be.

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Points for consistency, but not for originality

27th Jul 2015

Is fearr cosaint cliste ná ‘spam’ bhriste

WhatsApp and Viber continue to grow, yet with growth comes an increase in spam messages. Here's our analysis on the latest wave of attacks.

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