Role of Network Security in High Value M2M and IoT Apps

10th Dec 2020

From a M2M or IoT perspective, do you need devices to be secure? Let’s start by saying that calls from one device to another device can be intercepted, messages and security credentials can be intercepted. Even when the devices use secured or encrypted communications, it represents a significant risk to not be using a secured mobile network for connectivity.

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Measuring the Diameter - Protecting 4G Networks

6th Mar 2018

Many conversations about Mobile phone security has concerned the older SS7 network, but its successor Diameter being used to control the 4G network hasn’t received as much interest. We look at what the real threats are over this system.

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Tunnel Vision : Malicious data interception via SS7

17th May 2017

Recent criminal activity using SS7 methods and a series of high-profile reports on SS7 security have focused a lot of attention on the dangers of malicious access to the SS7 network. We explain a previously unrecorded attempted type of attack - data interception via SS7 access - to show that defenses can fix the problem

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