SS7 Security : Putting the pieces together

18th Apr 2016

Recent news releases bring to life what are possible via SS7 attacks. We show how state agencies have been gathering this information in the past, and give an example of the scale of what is possible, via a major SS7-caused outage in a European operator.

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Tracking the Trackers: The most advanced rogue systems exploiting the SS7 Network today

17th Feb 2016

We’re releasing more information this week from our research into SS7 attacks, read on to understand the most complex and advanced rogue systems in the SS7 network that are tracking people worldwide without their knowledge today

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AdaptiveMobile Shares Vision for “Securing Mobile” at Mobile World Congress 2016

17th Feb 2016

AdaptiveMobile will be sharing its vision for “Securing Mobile” at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, 22-25 February.

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Seasonal Kik Spam

5th Jan 2016

A greater variety of spam attack on Kik signals more dangers for Kik users in the future. Recently Kik messenger has experienced a series of picture spam attacks, many tied to Holiday events. We profile the various types over the last 2 months and how they work

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I Found Our Photo! (And Other Malware Lies)

8th Oct 2015

Social engineering is one of the greatest threats organisations can encounter today. Over the past few weeks we’ve been monitoring the changing face of a new sample of mobile malware and how it’s exploiting unsuspecting Android users. Read our analysis here.

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Sacrificing Design – Viber’s Next Hurdle?

1st Oct 2015

Viber spam continues to grow and users are looking for a solution. We review the current situation and asses the business decision facing OTT applications.

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Get ready to get your romance outsourced – an African dating safari

26th Aug 2015

Spammers have begun to use the dating route to clandestinely harvest user data. Although the present scenario seems to indicate that Africa is the ground zero for this activity it could be just the tip of the iceberg.

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24th Aug 2015

WhatsApp got another influx of messaging spam types when the Pump-and-Dumpers came to work. We profile how the ‘Wolf of WhatsApp’ did it and the results.

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Can they hear you now? Hacking Team & SS7

30th Jul 2015

The recent Hacking Team revelations allows us to delve deeper into the murky world of surveillance systems for hire. What we find shows that the mobile surveillance industry extends beyond just simple apps on a phone, to include the SS7 network.

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