The Flash – Around the world in 0.8 seconds

26th Jun 2017

What do you do if you come across a mobile phone going from Philippines to Brazil then to China, then to Armenia, in less than 60 seconds?

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Tunnel Vision : Malicious data interception via SS7

17th May 2017

Recent criminal activity using SS7 methods and a series of high-profile reports on SS7 security have focused a lot of attention on the dangers of malicious access to the SS7 network. We explain a previously unrecorded attempted type of attack - data interception via SS7 access - to show that defenses can fix the problem

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Designated Attacker - Evolving SS7 Attacks

13th Feb 2017

Attacks over the SS7 network have gotten so well known now that they have begun featuring in Hollywood. However while more people know about SS7 attacks, the actual attackers are improving and deepening their knowledge.

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President-elect Spam

19th Jan 2017

Mobile Spammers are jumping on the Trump brand name, seemingly trying to Make their Spam Great. We profile how this is happening

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iCloud Attacks Expand

23rd Oct 2016

Spam being sent from hacked iCloud accounts increased massively in the last month. We profile the changes that have taken place, and what you need to do to protect yourself.

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iCloud, iHack, iSpam

16th Sep 2016

Using hacked iCloud accounts, attackers have opened up a new front in ways to send messaging abuse to innocent phone users. We explore how, why, and the impact of these attacks.

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Robbed in Broad Daylight – SMS Identity Theft

22nd Aug 2016

With the rise of A2P SMS messages, sent for purposes such as new service activation, two factor authentication (2FA) and password reset, comes the opportunity for another avenue of cybercrime exploits…SMS Identity Theft!

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Gotta Spam ‘em All - Pokémon GO Spam

17th Aug 2016

Pokémon GO has become a global phenomenon and has brought augmented reality technology to the masses. However, like any topical or popular issue it is been taken advantage of by scammers and fraudsters. In this blog we look at how Pokémon GO scams are being distributed through SMS spam.

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The OTT-portunity: a crime evolution

15th Aug 2016

While mobile threats are growing in complexity, the risk of an unsophisticated attack on a new bearer remains a concern for mobile operators. We look at a simplistic piece of malware targeting subscribers throughout North America, and what’s been driving the change in attack methods.

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