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GSIM 2 - Mobile Trust & Security Barometer

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More than just handsets, mobile phones are now personal data centres – containing everything from contact information and photos to banking details and passwords. As such, smartphones, in particular, are now a key target for mobile security attacks.

Whilst there is evidence that smartphones have reduced levels of customer churn in the industry, through a combination of contract conditions plus value-added services, how mobile network operators respond to ever evolving mobile security threats and safeguard their customers’ data will determine whether customer relationships continue to be characterised by trust and loyalty.

AdaptiveMobile, a leading provider of mobile security solutions, commissioned Loudhouse, an independent marketing research consultancy to conduct a survey of smartphone users to investigate current levels of subscriber trust in mobile network operators, and the factors that serve to both build and erode that trust. It also discloses how mobile security threats are influencing levels of trust and loyalty. The research comprised of 1000 online interviews with UK smartphone users during May 2011.

Key to the findings in the research is the priority given by consumers to protection from security threats over service quality as a foundation stone of trust between subscriber and mobile network operator. The research shows that mobile network operators are trusted more than other service providers at present, but if this trust is broken, 9 out of 10 customers will consider changing operator and share any negative experiences with others: mobile network operators therefore risk potential reputational damage, increased churn and financial harm if they fail to safeguard their users’ personal data and spend.

The survey finds users concerned about mobile security yet unsure about how to protect themselves from this growing threat, holding mobile network operators to account for security breaches whilst simultaneously looking to them, as trusted service providers, to safeguard their data and devices.

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