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The AdaptiveMobile Global Security Insight for Mobile (GSIM) report looks at some of the biggest changes to the mobile security market, a significantly changed landscape for the network operator and consumer alike. 7 years on from what is recognised as the first mobile virus, Cabir, in 2004, the GSIM report provides for the first time, a detailed insight into and analysis of the new breed of threats facing mobile networks today.

With the explosive growth in mobile data usage, the proliferation of smart devices, open operating systems and hyper-connectivity, consumers and enterprises alike are increasingly relying on the mobile device as the “trusted hub” of their connected social and business networks. In recent years, the industry has witnessed a step-change in connectivity and usage, with the boundaries blurring between the PC and mobile handset.

Based on unique insight into the world’s largest operator groups, the GSIM explores a number of important challenges facing the mobile industry moving forwards and why the criminal community is increasingly turning its attention to mobile.

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