Unique Insight into Global SS7 Vulnerabilities

For the past 11 months, AdaptiveMobile has been working with operators around the globe to detect and block against threats to the SS7 network. The interactive map below demonstrates the three primary attack types detected through packet analyses of real-world data.

Broken down by region, the anonymised data demonstrates the number of attacks in relation to other regions around the world; the larger the visual, the higher the amount of attacks detected in that specific region. This data is representative of operator networks analysed by AdaptiveMobile.

Subscriber Data Collection

Visualises packets being sent via the SS7 network that are used primarily for gathering information on a specific subscriber.

Location Tracking

Visualises exploitation through operators worldwide, enabling actors to track the location of a subscriber.

Information Harvesting/Fraud

Visualises additional abuse of the information harvesting packet to adjust the known location of a mobile subscriber, defrauding mobile operators out of owed roaming charges.