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M3AAWG 48th General Meeting

17th – 20th February 2020 San Francisco, United States

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Press Releases

AdaptiveMobile Security uncovers sophisticated hacking attacks on mobile phones, exposing massive network vulnerability

AdaptiveMobile Security uncovers sophisticated hacking attacks on mobile phones, exposing massive network vulnerability.

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AdaptiveMobile Security Launches Commercial Traffic Management

New proposition enables operators and aggregators to analyse and manage commercial messages, opening new revenue streams within a billion-dollar market

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AdaptiveMobile delivers significant new revenues for African operator group

Largest grey route deal across the globe protects 10 operator networks from A2P grey route abuse

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AdaptiveMobile confirms multiple customers for SIGIL beta-programme

New customers operating across 2 continents receive benefit of world's first signalling intelligence layer to predict and protect against attacks on mobile networks

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AdaptiveMobile detects sophisticated attacks on signalling networks across five continents

Company presents the first-ever overview of Diameter attacks seen by the mobile telecoms industry

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AdaptiveMobile launches SIGIL, the world’s first global signalling intelligence and security analytics service

Company develops proprietary AI cloud offering to identify evolving signalling threats, enabling operators to proactively protect against next-generation attacks

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AdaptiveMobile launches ‘Global Brands Subscription Service’, expanding Grey Route Controls product capabilities to a broader market

New service enables carriers to recover lost grey route revenue without inspecting traffic

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AdaptiveMobile now enables Advanced Messaging Classification for mobile operators

Company’s intelligent messaging support opens new revenue opportunities for operators worldwide

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AdaptiveMobile releases new intelligence on Signalling vulnerabilities in global mobile networks

Company finds evidence of complex location tracking and call interception attacks in Europe and the Americas

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