Press Releases

AdaptiveMobile launches Open Platform Initiative – Advanced Security Solutions now available to cloud communication companies for the first time

Company brings innovative technology to the cloud, enabling carrier-grade security to be deployed across all messaging platforms

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AdaptiveMobile detects and blocks sophisticated advanced stateful SS7 attacks

Company successfully trialled first-ever trajectory plausibility and network anomaly blocking in high-volume Tier-1 network

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More mobile operators in West Africa are targets of SS7 attacks than any other African Region

AdaptiveMobile finds Location Tracking and Information Harvesting among top attack types

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Irish consumers demand greater security from commercial SMS messages

Companies risk major brand damage as consumers hold them accountable for messaging security

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AdaptiveMobile finds that thousands of North American iCloud users’ accounts are still being hijacked to send spam

Hackers turn growing number of iMessage accounts into spam bots that target China

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AdaptiveMobile and PromonLogicalis Partner to secure 18 Mobile Networks across Latin America

Collaboration will enable a safer mobile environment for millions of subscribers

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AdaptiveMobile Signalling Protection chosen by Tier-1 Asia Pacific MNO to defend against sophisticated SS7 Network Abuse

AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile network security, today announced that it has been selected by a tier-1 mobile network operator (MNO) in APAC to defend against the growing number and complexity of SS7 security threats in the region

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AdaptiveMobile signs Tier-1 North American Carrier for Diameter Protection

Company’s threat intelligence capabilities cited for selection to proactively secure networks

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AdaptiveMobile’s Signalling Protection unveils advanced SS7 GSMA Category 3 threat detection capabilities

Unique threat detection based on continuous real-world data analysis from across five continents

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