DUBLIN and DALLAS, 1 October 2018 – AdaptiveMobile Security, the world leader in mobile network security, today launched ‘Commercial Traffic Management’ (CTM) controls for all forms of mobile messaging. This new proposition enables operators and aggregators to capitalise on Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic running through their networks and generate additional revenue streams by delivering a new suite of insights, analysis and controls covering discovery, classification, verification and management processes.

The rise of “long code” commercial A2P messaging across the globe means that there are new traffic streams that traditional controls, based upon a premise of limited enforced short-code identities, are unable to address. With the A2P SMS market expected to be worth US$26.61 billion in 2022 , up from US$11.86 billion in 2017, the opportunity exists for carriers and aggregators to bring additional management and analytics to these messages to ensure that A2P messages are differentiated and priced appropriately based on their value to the sender. AdaptiveMobile Security’s suite of CTM capabilities for A2P traffic gives operators and aggregators new ways of identifying, analysing and managing this traffic across originating, terminating and transit flows.

Grey A2P traffic controls typically discover, throttle or block unauthorised and under-monetised routes for A2P traffic whereas Commercial Traffic Management controls provide alternative capabilities to give the operators and aggregators fine grain insight and control of traffic being carried on the network.

AdaptiveMobile Security’s Chief Strategy Officer, Simeon Coney, elaborates: “CTM combines our unique messaging algorithms and enterprise reputation controls to accurately detect the source and intention of enterprise messages. This allows networks to ensure adherence to agreed behaviours, detect potential contract abuse that may be present within the A2P traffic, and introduce new creative pricing models based upon a broad range of message attributes for service differentiation.” Coney continues, “We know from our work with leading analyst firm, MobileSquared, that the average mobile operator lost $11.9 million per annum in AP2 SMS revenues in 2017. As the market expands, these controls give networks new capabilities to manage and differentiate services as well as support growth and protect against future price erosion forecast.”

AdaptiveMobile Security’s Commercial Traffic Management is built on the success of their globally-deployed Network Protection Platform. The market leading messaging security and revenue protection platform is used in all regions of the world, covering more than 80 operators globally, including some of the world’s largest mobile messaging environment. It delivers significant reduction in messaging abuse and subscriber complaints as validated through industry Spam Reporting Services. To better understand how these capabilities can resolve common market issues for revenue recovery, as well as offering service differentiation, register for AdaptiveMobile’s upcoming webinar Maximise Revenue from Your Messaging Market here.


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AdaptiveMobile Security is the world leader in mobile network security, protecting more than 2.1 billion subscribers worldwide. With deep expertise and a unique focus on network-to-handset security, AdaptiveMobile’s award-winning security solutions provide its customers with advanced threat detection and actionable intelligence, combined with the most comprehensive security products on the market today.

AdaptiveMobile Security was founded in 2004 and boasts some of the world’s largest mobile operator as customers and the leading security and telecom equipment vendors as partners. The Company is headquartered in Dublin with offices in North America, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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