Maximize your A2P SMS revenues

Are you a long code A2P messaging provider, how much profit can you make from your existing SME customers?

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Rate, Detect & Grow Your A2P SMS Revenues

AdaptiveMobile Security A2P SMS Traffic Management is a complementary service to SMS Antispam and Grey Route Controls. Enabling commercial, product and compliance owners to make data driven decisions:

Price A2P SMS based on class-of-service

Price A2P SMS based on class-of-service

  • Time critical e.g., 2FA.
  • Business services e.g., App invites.
  • Regulatory required communications e.g., bank balances.
  • Lower value opt-in marketing communications.
Detect & manage A2P fraud

Detect & manage A2P fraud

  • Monitoring and enforcement of permitted content.
  • Preventing connection resale.
  • Management of sending and receiving behaviour.
  • Detect and block abusive, threat and spam messages.
Grow A2P revenues

Grow A2P revenues

  • Provide innovative service and pricing packages.
  • Offer A2P origination and termination services for SMS, MMS and RCS (Rich Communication Services).
  • Ensure enforcement of the commercial terms.
  • Maximise revenue from A2P services.

Manage and Enforce Legitimate A2P Traffic

Commercial Enterprise A2P messaging is the high growth, higher margin service that enables enterprises and brands to communicate more effectively with their customers and is catapulting a new wave of growth and innovation in aggregators and operators. There is an opportunity for operators to detect and control A2P messaging to appropriately price these SMS messages based on their value to the sender.

  • Detects and blocks abusive, threat and spam messages that may be present within this traffic.
  • Separates A2P from P2P traffic through message tagging.

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Manage and Enforce Legitimate A2P Traffic


Grow A2P SMS Revenues by Offering Long Code A2P Traffic

There’s an opportunity for operators to become the originators of enterprises’ long code A2P traffic, focussing on their existing SME customers.

  • Operators can recoup new service revenues from their SME customers by providing Long Code A2P messages.

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Grow A2P SMS Revenues by Offering Long Code A2P Traffic

“We know from our work with leading analyst firm, MobileSquared, that the average loss for mobile operator in AP2 SMS revenues is $11.9 million per annum. As the market expands, the Commercial Traffic Control gives networks new capabilities to manage and differentiate services as well as support growth and protect against future price erosion.”

Simeon Coney

Chief Strategy Officer


Helping Operators to Capitalise on 10-digit A2P Traffic

AdaptiveMobile Security A2P Commercial Traffic Control suits any company in the messaging ecosystem looking to gain further monetisation and commercial benefits.

Business Intelligence Reports

Brand's classification based on intelligence reports.

Enterprise Identity Determination

For environments where aggregators do not provide an explicit enterprise identity.

Message Classification

The identification of the message type based upon content, to determine the value to the sender.

Walled Garden Fingerprint / Content

Provides controls so selected sources can only send messages of approved pattern / content.

Enterprise Reputation, Reporting & Policy Control

Provides management and control on a per enterprise basis.

Enterprise Identity Tagging

For environments where aggregators provide their enterprise customers identity as part of the signalling.

Control A2P traffic. Grow revenues.

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