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AdaptiveMobile Commercial Traffic Management

Many businesses use short code Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging to communicate at scale with their customers. This approach is often used to send messages such as marketing campaigns, alerts, confirmations and two-factor authentications.

This market is serviced by SMS aggregators with very rapid go live and expansion offerings, with their typical customer base including SMEs, brands and larger enterprises.

With large amounts of long code A2P traffic already terminating on mobile operators’ networks today, an opportunity exists for operators to detect and control these messages to ensure that A2P messages are priced appropriately based on their value to the sender, make sure that abuse of commercial contracts doesn’t occur, and furthermore, leverage existing enterprise relationships to directly provide A2P origination and termination services for SMS, MMS and RCS.

By using Commercial Traffic Management, available using the AdaptiveMobile Security Network Protection Platform (NPP), operators can fully capitalise on these opportunities and take the right steps to control the A2P traffic, either delivered to, or generated from their network.

Product Benefits

AdaptiveMobile Commercial Traffic Management provides operators with the ability to detect, control and gain insight into A2P traffic.

Appropriately price A2P SMS messages based on class-of-service, such as:

  • Time critical e.g. 2FA
  • Business services e.g. App invites
  • Regulatory required communications e.g. bank balances, flight delays
  • Lower value opt-in marketing communications

Detection and management of contract abuse that may be present within this A2P traffic

  • Monitoring and enforcement of permitted content
  • Preventing connection resale
  • Management of sending and receiving behaviour to enforce contract terms

Detection and management of contract abuse that may be present within this A2P traffic

  • Provide differentiated offerings through innovative service and pricing packages
  • Ensure enforcement of the commercial terms and maximize revenue of these A2P services

Additionally, through visibility of the A2P traffic, insight can be gained on trends in under monetized traffic

Key Features

Enterprise Identity Tagging

  • For environments where aggregators provide their enterprise customers identity as part of the signalling

Enterprise Reputation, Reporting & Policy Control

  • Provides management and control on a per enterprise basis.
  • This also includes capabilities to detect attempted avoidance by enterprises, and provide controls to render these approaches ineffective

Walled Garden Fingerprint / Content Control

  • Provide controls so select sources can only send messages of approved pattern / content

Business Intelligence Reports

  • Brands on SIM banks that need to be targeted
  • Brands using other on-net sources that need to be targeted.
  • Which brands aggregators are responsible for (association of brands to common source GT’s - international)
  • AdaptiveMobile identified Brand [using content analysis techniques] to Enterprise ID mapping (for US market)
  • International brands coming in over domestic aggregators (i.e. monetised, but at too low a rate)
  • Behaviours on a per aggregator basis
  • Traffic clearly moving off their visible routes on to Grey routes


  • The market leading messaging security and revenue protection platform, used in all regions of the world
  • Covering more than 80 operators globally, including some of the world’s largest mobile messaging environments
  • Delivers significant reduction in messaging abuse and subscriber complaints as validated through industry Spam Reporting Services
    • Sophisticated policy structure
    • Real-time system-wide reputation and traffic analysis engines
    • Industry-leading fingerprint and discovery algorithms
    • Backed up with the only global Threat Intelligence Unit dedicated to mobile messaging threats
    • Multi-function and multi-bearer platform so you can deliver additional services and gain further benefits from investment
    • Industry leading False Positive accuracy for messaging security
    • Customers have membership to our intelligence and security community, benefitting from our continually expanding knowledge from our 2.1 billion subscriber base
    • AdaptiveMobile leads the market in messaging security and revenue assurance Innovation

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