Commercial Traffic Management

Commercial Enterprise A2P messaging is the high growth, higher margin service that enables enterprises and brands to communicate more effectively with their customers, and is catapulting a new wave of growth and innovation in aggregators and operators.

Gaining business intelligence insights and delivering a wave of commercial controls enables these organisations to innovate to gain competitive advantage through a range of different methods.

By using Commercial Traffic Management, available using the AdaptiveMobile Security Network Protection Platform (NPP), operators can fully capitalise on these opportunities to take the right steps to control the A2P traffic, either delivered to, or generated from their network.

Key Benefits

  • Detect and manage contract abuse that may be present within this A2P traffic
  • Appropriately price A2P SMS messages based on class-of-service
  • Enforce commercial contract policies and terms of use
  • Act on evidence based traffic analysis
  • Optimise revenues