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- Advanced Security and Threat Intelligence Services and Research

- Correlation and analysis of over 30 billion dark data events a day

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Signalling Protection

Securing core infrastructure and services

- SS7 Signalling Protection

- Diameter Signalling Protection

Messaging Security

Resolving complex messaging security problems

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Revenue Assurance

Messaging Revenue Protection

SMS Grey Route and SIMBOX protection

- secures wholesale SMS revenues

- prevents revenue loss to International, National and SIMBOX Networks

Grey Route Controls Service

With AdaptiveMobile’s Grey Route Controls Service, operators can recapture the growing Application to Person (A2P) SMS revenue stream, and further protect against lost messaging revenue from subscribers and brands.

Grey Route traffic occurs where commercial messages are carried over connections where the receiving operator is not getting paid appropriately.

Incoming grey route traffic from other operators is typically service or marketing content that has been initially sent via least cost SMS aggregator channels, much of which bypasses the operator’s normal business charging processes. By controlling the incoming flow of this grey route traffic the operator can identify missed revenue, as well as build closer account relationships with the brands who initially send these messages and require their SMS services.

AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit provides a Grey Route Controls service package aimed at meeting the specific requirements of various operators.  The Service focuses on detecting and blocking international grey route traffic.

AdaptiveMobile’s Threat Intelligence Unit using the Network Protection Platform can identify and control grey route traffic: using in-network controls, subscriber reputation and advanced discovery and detection algorithms, forcing traffic onto legitimate inbound routes that can then be properly controlled and charged for by the operator.

All services are provided using AdaptiveMobile’s network-centric security software platform NPP.

Service Overview

The AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit offers a grey route protection as a continuous service that includes four main components.

  1. An initial two week analysis & setup period followed by a joint review of the observed Grey Route traffic and agreement of actions for that traffic. The output of this is phase is a report detailing the observed traffic broken down by the commercial entities sending it, the volumes and the source points of this traffic for joint review and agreed actions.
  2. Defining & implementing the configuration policy for blocking of commercial traffic originating from non-approved (White-route) sources, or for non-approved content.
  3. Ongoing “tuning” of the platform to detect and the counter “new” grey route traffic types as they evolve/ emerge.
  4. Scheduled or instantaneous, on-demand reporting of the sources of grey-routes, the volumes they are sending and a break-down of the top commercial entities who’s messaging is being passed over they routes.

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