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AdaptiveMobile Messaging App Security

With the momentum created by building large communities of users, Messaging App Providers are looking to monetize through product expansion, beyond simple stickers, emoticons and games, and into even more lucrative areas such as social networking, ecommerce platforms and search. This massive opportunity is evidenced by the number of major acquisitions that have already taken place in the industry.

However, with the incredible popularity of Messaging Apps comes the risk of threats crossing over from conventional text messaging; this next logical step for spammers and fraudsters has already begun and may disrupt the huge opportunity open to App Providers. App Providers need to address this threat head on, with a best-in-class, proven and scalable approach.

Using traffic controls, user reputation and advanced threat detection algorithms, the Messaging App Security solution, available using the AdaptiveMobile Network Protection Platform (NPP), allows App Providers to identify and block both new and cross-over threats, enabling the use of their Apps to grow unhindered and reach their full potential.

Product Benefits

AdaptiveMobile Messaging App Security can be used for the following purposes:

Prevention of Spam and Phishing Threats
  • New and cross-over spam and phishing messages are becoming increasingly prevalent as Messaging App providers begin succeeding in growing their user communities.
Prevention of Financial Scams, Data Theft and Fraud
  • As App Providers develop into more complex social networking, e-payment and business services, more sophisticated financial scams, data theft and fraud are becoming a major concern.
Prevention of Privacy and Spying
  • With the goal of “platformisation” leading to very high value services for Apps such as front end device operation, search, and ecommerce platforms, a messaging app will gain access to users’ personal identifiable information (PII), and so the risk of privacy and spying grow considerably. These threats will require the more advanced capabilities of the AdaptiveMobile Network Protection Platform (NPP).
Parental Controls
  • Parents are faced with threats to children such as dangerous contacts, App use overdose and cyber bullying. The solution addresses threats affecting this fast growing demographic for messaging Apps and allows App Providers to competitively differentiate for faster uptake and a stickier user base.

Best in Class Performance

  • False positive rate approximating to 2 false positive messages per billion messages processed
  • Up to 99.6% proven reduction in customer spam complaints

Platform Features

The benefits are underpinned by the following Network Protection Platform (NPP) features

  • Designed for the vast scale of the largest mobile networks in the world and fully adaptable for Messaging App architectures
  • Highly scalable operating performance maintains minimal latency through peak periods
System wide approach
  • System wide, cross-region visibility of traffic, source and state
  • Centralised control and management
  • Shared configurations across all data centres
  • Virtualisation support for faster deployment, upgrade and expansion
Comprehensive reporting
  • Built-in Big-Data approach
  • Drill-down threat details
  • Actionable insights

Additional Key Product Features

Peer to Peer and Central Server architectures supported
  • Choice of deployment architectures allows the messaging security platform to handle threats regardless of whether the Messaging App is using in-transit or end-to-end encryption
Spam Reporting Integration
  • Enables both opt-in and standard users to report spam directly to the AdaptiveMobile Security Centre
Tamper-resistant Fingerprints
  • Fingerprinting algorithms proven to consistently defeat continual threat metamorphosis
Sophisticated New Threat Discovery
  • In-network proprietary algorithms to constantly hunt for and identify suspicious new threat types, delivering up to zero-minute protection
Real-time Reputation & Traffic Analysis
  • System-wide behaviour and content-based reputation of all sources driving policy decisions
Sophisticated Security Policy Structure
  • Comprehensive and flexible policy capabilities to respond to new requirements without service deterioration
Global Security Analytics
  • Global Threat Intelligence Unit with “Big-Security” threat analytics platform to support threat detection and remediation


  • The market leading mobile messaging security platform, used in all regions of the world
  • Covering more than 80 operators globally, including some of the world’s largest mobile messaging environments
  • Delivers significant reduction in messaging abuse and subscriber complaints as validated through industry Spam Reporting Services
  • The most comprehensive messaging security platform for mobile messaging app providers
  • Sophisticated policy structure
  • Real-time system-wide reputation and traffic analysis engines
  • Industry-leading spam fingerprint and discovery algorithms
  • Backed up with the only global security research practice dedicated to mobile messaging threats

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