Advanced A2P SMS Revenue Protection, Messaging Intelligence and Security

Protection from SMS Grey Routes and SIMBanks related revenue leakage combined with managed detection and response services to defend against new phishing, spam and malware campaigns.

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Global SMS Threat Insights

AdaptiveMobile Security secures billions of subscribers globally giving us unique insights and visibility of P2P message abuse – phishing, spam and malware – as well as A2P commercial traffic behaviours.

AdaptiveMobile Security Messaging Intelligence Managed service provides:

Managed defences

Managed defences

Managing and maintaining a strong defence against messaging threats using continual signature-based detection updates and optimizing enforcement policies to our platforms globally.

Sophisticated Threat Discovery

Sophisticated Threat Discovery

Identifying complex threats as they appear on mobile networks through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Data Forensic Analysis & Response

Data Forensic Analysis & Response

Analysing and aggregating global messaging security threat alerts and suspicious behaviour to forensically identify threat actors' tactics, techniques and processes.


Managed Threat Intelligence

Enea AdaptiveMobile Security's Messaging Intelligence Managed Service provides customers with extra benefits through active and preventative configuration before attacks happen.
Advice on new SMS traffic implementation and regulations, and qualified analysis as malicious campaigns emerge and evolve.

Messaging Cyber Threat Intelligence Services:

  • Messaging Abuse Prevention
  • SIM Bank Detection Service
  • Grey Route Controls Service

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Managed Threat Intelligence


Automated Discovery & Defences

With significant experience in managed threat discovery and response, pioneering techniques such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for preventing phishing, spam and A2P abuse
  • Entity reputation tracking
  • New campaign discovery and A2P business insights intelligence
  • 7726 customer reporting service management

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Automated Discovery & Defences

“It’s clear from the feedback of Mobile Operators that AdaptiveMobile Security is one of the few companies who are admired for really having the edge over their competitors based on their strong reputation for “Technical Expertise”, “Quality of Service” and “Reliability”. A big congratulations goes to the team at Adaptive for reaching Tier One in both SMS and Signalling Firewall research in 2021.”

Jason Bryan

CEO ROCCO Research


Messaging Intelligence for Carriers

Global Analysis of Mobile Threats in Real-Time

Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s Threat Intelligence Unit service collates statistics, suspect traffic profiles, and subscriber reports from around the world and generates new threat signatures that are automatically updated within each network deployment.

Our unique approach to security within mobile networks:

Comprehensive Multi-Protocol Security

Support for all inbound and outbound messaging services, SMS, MMS, RCS, SMNP.

Supervised Machine Learning

Reputational scoring and analysis combined with an autonomous policy enforcement decision engine.

Managed Response to New Attacks

Expert detection, analysis and response to new attack methods maximizing protection of your network.

Intelligence and Insights

Realtime visibility of threats to your network and subscribers to assist in root-cause-analysis and ensuring conformance to policies.


SMS Threat Intelligence

Explore how Enea AdaptiveMobile Security's managed messaging Threat Intelligence Unit service can help stop SMS attacks from reaching your subscribers.

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Enea AdaptiveMobile Security works with some of the largest mobile operators across the globe. Solving significant mobile security issues for operators worldwide.

Grey Route & SIMBank Traffic Control

Grey Route & SIMBank Traffic Control

Manages and enforces legitimate A2P traffic, blocking abusive, threat and spam messaging. It also offers new revenue opportunities.

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Award winning SMS Firewall

Award winning SMS Firewall

Explore the ways our messaging firewall prevents undesirable abuse, threat and spam messages from reaching subscribers.

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Manage A2P Fraud

Manage A2P Fraud

How can our A2P Traffic Management product help ensure legitimate A2P traffic behavior on grey routes?

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