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AdaptiveMobile Messaging Revenue Protection

Mobile operators across the globe are facing intense pressure on their SMS messaging business as the market pricing for consumer messaging services mature and over-the-top mobile messaging apps gain market share. A saviour is the rising volume of A2P messaging, bringing scope for supplementary revenues, but also the risk of Grey Route Abuse.

Grey Routes occur when commercial messages are sent over connections where the sending or receiving operator is not appropriately paid.

For many operators the connection agreements between their networks and those of peering partner, which enable billing and settlement for message termination, are structured for P2P traffic. This can mean significant revenue leakage for operators who receive large volumes of A2P messages, often originating from major brands, but funnelled through unauthorised grey route P2P channels.

Likewise, for their own subscribers, many operators do not permit consumer plans to be re-sold or used for commercial purposes. Handling these commercial messages as consumer traffic, that is in violation of their terms and conditions, would give them little financial benefit.

AdaptiveMobile also observe a range of cases where sending operators may have grey routes present, originating from undetected SIM Banks in their networks, resulting in unnecessarily high outbound international charges.

AdaptiveMobile Messaging Revenue Protection can help operators tackle a broad range of challenges to their messaging business. Using in-network controls, subscriber reputation and advanced discovery and detection algorithms, the AdaptiveMobile Network Protection platform can identify and control this traffic – protecting an operator’s current and future messaging business.

Why is the Grey Route challenge hitting now?

Falling Person to Person (P2P) generated SMS volumes

  • Despite increasingly generous consumer packages giving unlimited International messages

Yet increasing Application to Person (A2P) traffic

  • SMS is the only global method for identification of & contact to individuals
  • Rise in 2-Factor Authentication, One-Time Passwords due to security concerns
  • Notification of Service/Application/Credit Card Transactions
  • Only consistent method for target market engagement (Advertising / Promotion)
  • Rise in application usage of SMS as primary communication channel

Enterprises are communicating more with their customers via SMS

  • To further build their own customer relationships
  • To reduce the impact of potential fraud on their own business (by using 2FA SMS passcodes)

Product Benefits

AdaptiveMobile deliver per-message content based control

  • This means no matter where the grey route moves to, you are always protected
  • You do not have to block revenue generating legitimate routes
  • Our service works faster than the Grey Route providers can move giving you complete control
  • Our service enables you to select appropriate business models meaning no loss of business relationship with key brands or revenue surrender
  • Most comprehensive combination of: Sender, Signalling, Reputation, Behaviour, Content & Intelligence

AdaptiveMobile has automatic content discovery

  • Automatically discovered content is made available for inspection to identify new brands, new campaigns, new content & new route sources

Only AdaptiveMobile offer a service of Grey Route discovery and control, and SIM Bank detection, based upon content and behaviours


  • The market leading mobile messaging security platform, used in all regions of the world
  • Covering more than 80 operators globally, including some of the world’s largest mobile messaging environments
  • Proven reduction in messaging abuse and subscriber complaints
  • Sophisticated policy structure
  • Real-time system-wide reputation and traffic analysis engines
  • Industry-leading spam fingerprint and discovery algorithms
  • Backed up with the only global Threat Intelligence Unit dedicated to mobile messaging threats
  • Multi-function and multi-bearer platform so you can deliver additional services and gain further benefits from investment
  • Industry leading False Positive accuracy for messaging security
  • Customers have membership to our intelligence and security community, benefitting from our continually expanding knowledge from our 2.1 Billion subscriber base
  • AdaptiveMobile leads the market in messaging security Innovation

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