Revenue Protection

Mobile operators across the globe have the opportunity to generate incremental revenues from their existing SMS messaging infrastructure. Whilst price pressure in the consumer messaging sector has commoditised the service, the growing ecosystem of commercial messaging providers is driving significant growth at a higher price point. The rising use, volume and price premium of Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging is attracting attackers who try and circumvent the carriers or use clone messages to defraud or obtain credentials.

Grey Routes occur when commercial messages are sent over connections where the sending or receiving operator is not adequately compensated. Where these routes are active this will mean significant revenue leakage for operators who receive large volumes of A2P messages, often originating from major brands, but funnelled through unauthorised grey route P2P channels. But in addition, this practice also compromises security and privacy of both the commercial brands and the customers and forms the basis of banking fraud, security credential theft and identity theft.

Securing Your Revenues

AdaptiveMobile’s Messaging Revenue Protection can help operators tackle a broad range of challenges to their messaging business. Using real-time in-network controls and advanced AI discovery and detection algorithms, the AdaptiveMobile Network Protection Platform can identify and control this traffic – protecting an operator’s current and future messaging business and protecting subscriber’s security.