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- Advanced Security and Threat Intelligence Services and Research

- Correlation and analysis of over 30 billion dark data events a day

Security & Privacy

Signalling Protection

Securing core infrastructure and services

- SS7 Signalling Protection

- Diameter Signalling Protection

Messaging Security

Resolving complex messaging security problems

SPAM & Phishing

Revenue Assurance

Messaging Revenue Protection

SMS Grey Route and SIMBOX protection

- secures wholesale SMS revenues

- prevents revenue loss to International, National and SIMBOX Networks

AdaptiveMobile Messaging Security

Mobile operators across the globe are facing intense competition as their messaging services mature and new entrants in their markets emerge. To protect their revenues and margins they need continual protection against the latest messaging security threats, across SMS, Email, MMS or RCS / SIP (IP Messaging).

Whether from regulatory pressure, subscriber complaints over spam, or new over-the-top messaging apps – every operator today is struggling to maintain the profitability of their SMS. Yet it still remains the most widely used and commercially successful messaging service.

AdaptiveMobile Messaging Security and Protection can help operators take the right steps to tackle a broad range of challenges to their messaging services. Using in-network controls, subscriber reputation and advanced threat detection algorithms, the Messaging Protection platform can identify and block spammers, SIM Banks and app broadcasts – protecting an operator’s current and future messaging businesses.

Product Benefits

Scalable system wide approach
  • System wide visibility of traffic, source and state
  • Centralised control and management
  • Shared configurations across all data centres
  • Virtualisation support for faster deployment, upgrade and expansion
Comprehensive reporting
  • Built-in Big-Data approach
  • Drill-down threat details
  • Actionable insights
Customer care / operational monitoring
  • Customer care tools to respond to queries, retrieve subscriber history /filtering decisions and update customer reputation and policy
  • System wide monitoring and network integration

Typical Applications

AdaptiveMobile Messaging Security can be used for the following purposes to ensure operators can:
  • Close Commercial Loopholes
  • Identify Service Gateways and block Grey Routes – to prevent an operator’s network being the network of choice for grey-market organisations
  • Improve revenue generation from legitimate brands and service activation messages
Block Security Threats
  • Meet regulatory guidelines and prevent regulatory involvement
  • Maintain the value of wholesale services
  • Block spam and unsolicited messaging from MO sources
  • Control app hacking and virtual operator use of their network
  • Block competitive operator messages
  • Retain existing subscribers and roaming revenue
Secure New Services
  • Ensure new services such as RCS are secure from technical and commercial loopholes

Key Product Features

Tamper-resistant Fingerprints
  • Fingerprinting algorithms proven to consistently defeat continual threat metamorphosis
Real-time Reputation & Traffic Analysis
  • System-wide behaviour and content-based reputation of all sources driving policy decisions
Sophisticated New Threat Discovery
  • In-network proprietary algorithms to constantly hunt for and identify suspicious new threat types, delivering up to zero-minute protection
Sophisticated Security Policy Structure
  • Comprehensive and flexible policy capabilities to respond to new requirements without service deterioration
Global Security Analytics
  • Global security team with “Big-Security” threat analytics platform to support in-network threat detection and remediation


  • The market leading mobile messaging security platform, used in all regions of the world
  • Covering more than 80 operators globally, including some of the world’s largest mobile messaging environments
  • Proven reduction in messaging abuse and subscriber complaints as validated through the GSMA’s own Spam Reporting Service
  • Sophisticated policy structure
  • Real-time system-wide reputation and traffic analysis engines
  • Industry-leading spam fingerprint and discovery algorithms
  • Backed up with the only global Threat Intelligence Unit dedicated to mobile messaging threats
  • Multi-function and multi-bearer platform so you can deliver additional services and gain further benefits from investment
  • Industry leading False Positive accuracy for messaging security
  • Customers have membership to our intelligence and security community, benefitting from our continually expanding knowledge from our 2.1 Billion subscriber base
  • AdaptiveMobile leads the market in messaging security Innovation

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