Messaging Security

AdaptiveMobile Security provides advanced protection against cybercrime that is exploiting the mobile messaging channel and can help operators, aggregators and inter-exchange carriers take the right steps to tackle a broad range of challenges to their messaging services.

Using distributed real-time autonomous AI policy decision engines to implement-advanced network control and leveraging Machine Learning techniques to build advanced threat detection algorithms and trust reputation scoring, the Messaging Protection platform can identify and block attacks, render useless advanced persistent attackers’ infrastructure and prevent the use of private information by automated messaging attack campaigns. Ensuring the security of an operator’s current and future messaging services and enforcing personal preferences and privacy.

Securing Every Person

We continue to be the leader at the forefront of messaging protection and have a long-established history of providing advanced messaging protection solutions to operators and aggregators globally. Our existing deployments provide real-time protection of messaging in Tier 1 to Tier 3 operators, processing more than a billion messages daily. Our proven solution has evolved to allow it to protect against messaging abuse on all bearers (SMS, MMS, RCS, SIP, RESTful APIs) to countering cyber-related threats – such as distribution of spyware / malware – and blocking phishing attacks against banks, national infrastructure assets or individuals.

Our solution can be deployed within network and cloud infrastructure or as a virtualised service and provide a single reporting view of threats observed, targeting individuals, etc, via flexible analytics reporting tool.