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AdaptiveMobile Network Protection Platform

The AdaptiveMobile Network Protection Platform (NPP) is a converged carrier security platform.

It is the industry’s most widely deployed mobile network protection platform, with more than 80 mobile operator customers and protecting over 2.1 billion mobile subscribers globally. It is used by 9 out of the top 10 operator groups*, including high profile operators in the US, and its use is expanding rapidly in Asia and Latin America.

It has been proven on a global scale in the most demanding of carrier environments, from high performance networks in North America to large scale networks in India, as well as addressing the unique challenges of African networks.

AdaptiveMobile has a history of solving the most difficult carrier security problems using the NPP, with a heritage in hosted security: IM, Web and SMS. It is about stopping abuse and creating a hostile environment for the bad guys who move on to easier targets as their ROI gets broken.

Using the very latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, AdaptiveMobile’s NPP has blocked complex threats with asymmetric traffic flows, further solidifying the Company’s commitment to use advanced techniques in threat detection and enabling them to meet the needs of the most demanding Tier-1 networks.

In addition, AdaptiveMobile are used to dealing with data sovereignty from running networks of security centres in many regions and countries of the world.

When it comes to working effectively with carriers, AdaptiveMobile have invested in cloud analysis platform to reduce need for in network POCs. This includes PII data obfuscation and ISO 27001 procedures for data management.

* Excluding China

AdaptiveMobile Network Protection Platform

Platform Strengths

  • Carrier grade, component based architecture
  • High speed decision engine
  • High throughput low latency
  • Real time Behaviour Analytics (Reputation)
  • Consistency of protection across bearers
  • Brakes down silos: ties together disparate bearers and network elements/ nodes via single pane of glass
  • Centralised reporting and management:
    • SNMP alarms, auditing
  • Easy to scale traffic bearing components
  • Geographic redundancy
  • Virtualised: one customer processes >1bn events per day
  • NFV: part of Intel network builders, HP OpenNFV
  • Protocols and SDKs easily added to, be it
    • anti-virus,
    • could be extended to voice, IoT, or the next threat vector
  • Multi-language
  • Complimented by TIU / threat Intel subscriptions

Reference Deployments

The Network Protection Platform has reference deployments for:

  • Signalling Protection
  • Messaging Security inc. RCS
  • Messaging Revenue Protection inc. Grey Routes & SIM Banks
  • Parental & Personal Controls
  • Clean Pipe
  • WiFi Controls
  • Traffic retention (Web & IM)


  • The market leading mobile messaging security platform, used in all regions of the world
  • Covering more than 80 operators globally, including some of the world’s largest mobile messaging environments
  • Proven reduction in messaging abuse and subscriber complaints as validated through the GSMA’s own Spam Reporting Service
  • Sophisticated policy structure
  • Real-time system-wide reputation and traffic analysis engines
  • Industry-leading spam fingerprint and discovery algorithms
  • Backed up with the only global Threat Intelligence Unit dedicated to mobile messaging threats
  • Multi-function and multi-bearer platform so you can deliver additional services and gain further benefits from investment
  • Industry leading False Positive accuracy for messaging security
  • Customers have membership to our intelligence and security community, benefitting from our continually expanding knowledge from our 2.1 Billion subscriber base
  • AdaptiveMobile leads the market in messaging security Innovation
  • “Single pane of glass” software platform covering all major mobile security threats
  • Real-time, actionable intelligence drives consistent protection across all bearers in one place
  • Trusted security partner, delivering comprehensive, dynamic threat intelligence continuously across customer base

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