Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Services

- Advanced Security and Threat Intelligence Services and Research

- Correlation and analysis of over 30 billion dark data events a day

Security & Privacy

Signalling Protection

Securing core infrastructure and services

- SS7 Signalling Protection

- Diameter Signalling Protection

Messaging Security

Resolving complex messaging security problems

SPAM & Phishing

Revenue Assurance

Messaging Revenue Protection

SMS Grey Route and SIMBOX protection

- secures wholesale SMS revenues

- prevents revenue loss to International, National and SIMBOX Networks

AdaptiveMobile Personal & Parental Controls

With the AdaptiveMobile Parental Controls solution, an operator can support parental choice in providing mobile communications to children and teenagers yet allow the parent to have full control over how and when the services will be available. Operators can offer a branded device to cloud solution, delivering parents complete visibility and control over their child’s use of a mobile device across mobile and wifi networks.

With the AdaptiveMobile Personal Controls solution, an operator can allow their subscribers to control their communications, and be protected from becoming infected or at risk from unwanted expenditure.

Available either as an in-network, or fully hosted white-label platform, operators can launch a solution within days on a pay-as-you-grow basis, protecting their vulnerable subscribers from day one.

Product Benefits for subscribers

Most comprehensive web and messaging protection
  • Ensuring subscribers are protected at all times
  • Whatever device they are using on the mobile network
Personalised to the individual user
  • Allowing parents to customise their individual and family settings to suit their needs
Straight forward, reliable and easy to use for parents
  • Managed via a simple web portal
  • Ranging from one-click set up to fully tailored policies

Product Benefits for operators

Flexible solution
  • Allowing operators to tailor the propositions to meet customer segmentation
  • Rapid service launch through choice of deployment and integration to existing network topology and systems
Easily deployed
  • Operator-focussed: flexible integration into existing business and operational systems
  • Provides a single point of management
  • Proven scalability and carrier grade performance
  • Proven in Tier 1 operator deployments
Fits with any market proposition
  • From out of the box to fully customised user experience
  • Channel for ongoing customer dialogue
  • Supports event-driven upsell of other solutions

Key Product Features

AdaptiveMobile’s Network Protection Platform enables Operators to launch a portfolio of premium or advanced services to complement their existing portfolio, giving a powerful competitive differentiator to services.

AdaptiveMobile’s Network Protection Platform is a robust, high performance, highly scalable, subscriber-centric platform for rules-based filtering and access control.

The Network Protection Platform contains an optimised filtering engine which can check content against a number of third party content rating databases, integrate with a variety of service control interfaces from a range of network equipment manufacturers as well as support for multiple subscriber data stores using a selection of world-class security applications.


  • World class multi-bearer protection platform
  • Customisable and scalable solutions
  • Global insight and expertise
  • Partner with world leaders in security and network equipment
  • Commitment to protecting your networks, revenues and growth

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