Signalling Intelligence – Stay ahead of attackers

Analyse who is attacking your network, how, when, where from.

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Protect your Network Against Signalling Threats

Trust between mobile networks is not a security strategy. In a zero-trust security architecture, attackers continually adapt to evade your mobile network defences, without the advantage of signalling intelligence information, cybercriminals may already be penetrating your network.

AdaptiveMobile Security’s Signalling Intelligence Layer allows carriers, aggregators and governments to:



  • Identify sources of signalling protocol attacks on mobile networks, services and subscribers.
  • Correlate associations between sophisticated multi-protocol and multi-network attacks.
  • Pinpoint global threat actors attacking your network.
  • Investigate and track the activities and historical behaviour of attackers.


  • Proactively manage defences against known sources of signalling attacks.
  • Understand attacker methods and objectives.
  • Understand the attacker’s infrastructure and evolution.


  • Maintain signalling firewall effectiveness with analysis of active attackers.
  • Prioritize security policy threat responses using prioritized threat score analysis.
  • Improve visibility of network security threats by reducing false positives and misconfiguration-noise.

First Global Signalling Intelligence Cloud

SIGIL brings together AdaptiveMobile Security’s signalling security expertise with our global signalling protection infrastructure to deliver a shared threat intelligence service for mobile operators worldwide. It provides operators, governments and regulators with an in-depth understanding of the current and historical signalling threat landscape, increasing security policy effectiveness in preventing and responding to network attacks.

Solution Architecture

  • Secure cloud platform
  • Supervised machine learning analysis of global signalling threat event information
  • Secure multi-tenant access
  • Global threat level and platform dashboards
  • Dedicated customer network threat analysis

Advanced machine learning research, detection algorithms and threat correlations are applied to the SIGIL cloud platform to maintain effectiveness.

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First Global Signalling Intelligence Cloud


Prevent GTP-C, Diameter & SS7 Signalling Attacks

Nation-states and cyber-criminal adversaries have taken advantage of the industry inertia and are already adapting to first generation defences. Global signalling infrastructure has been compromised and mobile device security undermined. As the mobile industry makes the migration from legacy-SS7 networks to hybrid 4G/5G architectures it is critical that security is maintained.

There is an urgent need for the next generation of defensive security solutions and global intelligence services if we are to win the battle against attackers.

Prevent GTP-C, Diameter & SS7 Signalling Attacks


Signalling Intelligence – 5G ready!

Increasingly sophisticated attacks are likely with the migration from 4G to 5G Core Network technology due to the complexity expanding the breadth of attack surface. We have a team of dedicated 5G security experts focussed on predicting and protecting against multi-protocol mobile security attacks.

Signalling Intelligence – 5G ready!

“Global signalling threats originates from internationally trusted countries not just our known adversaries. SIGIL provides an independent threat intelligence analysis of exactly how the mobile network technology is actually being used highlighting all security threats. Trust is not a security strategy.”

Brian Collins

CEO of AdaptiveMobile Security


The next phase of defence for the mobile industry

SIGIL uncovers and prioritizes security threats from the storm of security events detected in mobile networks every day. Applying the latest in machine learning, threat detection algorithms and security expertise. SIGIL is an essential intelligence resource to protect mobile networks and service.

Advanced analysis of signalling attacks worldwide

Empowering carriers to respond faster to evolving threats from sophisticated adversaries.

Prioritize responses to signalling threat activity

Identify suspicious activity to rapidly investigate newly detected anomalies on network.

Easy to deploy

Cloud based service with simple edge client integration.

Third-party compatibility

Can also be integrated with networks where no or 3rd party signalling firewalls are deployed.

Access TIU investigation services

Collaborate with our signalling threat intelligence team when SIGIL is combined with our Signalling Protection Firewall and Threat Intelligence Services.

Access to a global signalling threat intelligence resource

Online access to the world's most advanced signalling intelligence resource of attack information.

SIGIL: Signalling Intelligence Layer

Protecting your network against cyber-attacks before they happen

Discover how AdaptiveMobile Security signalling intelligence layer can help prevent signalling attacks against your network. Contact us to talk with one of our signalling security specialists.

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