Signalling Intelligence Layer

Globally, operators continue to be at risk from signalling attacks, resulting in tracking of mobile device locations, interception of calls and texts, fraudulent manipulation of services, banking credential theft and 2FA cybercrime. The vulnerability to attacks over SS7 and Diameter networks is widely known, and yet, while the industry is deploying first generation defences to protect networks, carriers are being overwhelmed by 10,000’s or 100,000’s of SS7 security events per day.

Nation-states and cyber-criminal adversaries have taken advantage of the industry inertia and are already adapting to first generation defences. Global signalling infrastructure has been compromised and mobile device security undermined. There is an urgent need for the next-generation of defensive security solutions and global intelligence services.

Increasingly sophisticated attacks are likely with the rollout of 5G technology due to the complexity increasing the breadth of attack surface. We have a team of dedicated 5G security experts focussed on predicting and protecting against multi-protocol mobile security attacks.

Global attacks require a global response.

SIGIL provides operators the intelligence required to identify, understand and proactively protect their networks from signalling security attacks. This intelligence provides vital information used to predict future attacks, understand techniques used and identify infrastructure that has been weaponized. This knowledge allows mobile carriers to harden their network and work to surround themselves with only trusted interconnects.

SIGIL brings together AdaptiveMobile Security’s signalling intelligence expertise with our global footprint to deliver an intelligence led, community-based network protection to operators worldwide. It provides operators with a deeper understanding of the threat landscape, increasing their effectiveness in preventing attacks.

  • Empowering carriers to respond faster to evolving threats from sophisticated adversaries
  • Advanced machine-learning algorithms built on the pioneering signalling research conducted by the AdaptiveMobile Security Threat Intelligence Unit
  • Proprietary AI cloud offering to identify evolving security threats
  • Enable an awareness lead hardening of your critical infrastructure