Signalling Intelligence

Trusted Intelligence: Securing the Future

As a centre of excellence in cyber telecoms security, we utilise the global deployments of our Signalling Protection Platform to provide signalling security intelligence services. Our cyber telecoms security specialists use advanced AI detection methods to analyse, correlate and investigate global security data events every day. This team enables our security and intelligence lead consulting services for our customers, including an incident response capability. We offer our customers ongoing threat analysis of attacks on mobile infrastructure providing insight into weaponized global networks, global threat activity, and attacker installation analysis. Based on this cyber telecom intelligence we provide security status monitoring of carrier infrastructure to proactively alert and advise when an adversary attack is likely or has been initiated.

Signalling Penetration Testing

AdaptiveMobile Security works with industry-leading partners to provide a range of penetrating testing services; enabling operators to understand the specific signalling security risks to their networks. AdaptiveMobile can then provide guidance on appropriate countermeasures to deploy, ensuring critical communications infrastructure is secured and subscribers and revenues are protected.

  • Rapid Assessment SS7, Diameter and GTP Penetration Testing
  • Full Penetration and Security and Vulnerability Testing
  • Annual Security Auditing Services
  • Telecom Cyber Security Training Workshops
  • Signalling Security Traffic Analysis