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- Advanced Security and Threat Intelligence Services and Research

- Correlation and analysis of over 30 billion dark data events a day

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Signalling Protection

Securing core infrastructure and services

- SS7 Signalling Protection

- Diameter Signalling Protection

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Messaging Revenue Protection

SMS Grey Route and SIMBOX protection

- secures wholesale SMS revenues

- prevents revenue loss to International, National and SIMBOX Networks

AdaptiveMobile Signalling Protection

Signalling networks using protocols such as SS7, Diameter and GTP are under attack from adversaries and fraudsters, exploiting loopholes in the protocols to breach subscriber privacy, deny access to key services and to directly defraud mobile operators. Government regulators, corporate customers and consumer organisations are becoming increasingly concerned following a number of high profile exploits. Mobile operators urgently need to implement a signalling firewall and threat intelligence solution to ensure ongoing trust in their networks before their brand, customers, partners and subsequent revenues are negatively impacted.

SS7 was once an obscure protocol protected by a strong ‘walled garden’ of large government-owned telecom providers. With deregulation and the global expansion of mass mobile communications, SS7 access is now commonplace, and entry to the walled-garden can be accessed for legitimate and illegitimate means.

Diameter, a newer signalling protocol used in LTE and IMS is also at risk. Developed with an IP perspective, many more adversaries and fraudsters already possess the knowledge and skills required to carry out security exploits. In addition, access to IP based networks is even more readily available than access to SS7 networks.

AdaptiveMobile Signalling Protection secures the signalling networks using a unique combination of a carrier-grade signalling firewall, advanced reporting and a global threat intelligence service . Therefore, the solution goes well beyond just a signalling firewall, building on AdaptiveMobile’s market leading position in the mobile security industry to block current attacks on the network and to react to emerging threats that seek to bypass standard SS7 and Diameter firewall functionality.

The Signalling Circle of Trust

The Signalling Circle of Trust

Product Benefits

Monitor and block attacks without major network disruption
  • Straightforward and low impact overlay approach enables rapid protection of your network
  • Located at strategic network positions to ensure blocking of privacy and fraud attacks
Detects new types of attacks
  • Prevents GSMA Category 1,2 and 3 attacks
  • Smart algorithms uncover suspicious activity
  • Global Threat Intelligence Service leverages real world intelligence from customer sites on 5 continents
Threat reporting enabling fast and accurate risks assessment
  • Dashboard delivers unique insights with drilldown to full details of original source packet
Multiple operating modes allowing a flexible and phased approach
  • Passive monitoring, active routing & blocking, or combined mode

Typical Attacks Prevented

Signalling Protection can secure the mobile network against the following types of signalling-based privacy and fraud attacks:

Subscriber Location
  • Blocks unauthorised queries for subscriber location data
  • Prevents both direct queries for location data and 2-stage queries involving 2 separate transactions
Call and Data Interception
  • Blocks manipulation of network and subscriber data leading to ‘man in the middle’ attacks
  • Secures encryption keys against attack
  • Early detection of protocol anomalies deters and stops fraudsters from exploiting subscriber and network data leading to direct revenue loss
Denial of Service
  • Secures subscriber data against malicious attacks removing access to key services

Key Product Features

Attack Analysis
  • Identify source & target of security attacks
  • Initiate additional preventative measures as necessary
  • GSMA Cat 0, 1, 2 & 3 (SS7 & Diameter) stateful detection based on continual real world data analysis and research
  • Real time application of rules & filters
Rules Engine
  • Sophisticated Rules UI enabling operator admin to configure and customise rules
  • Preconfigured rules are validated with real world data from across 5 continents
  • Flexible powerful rule definitions across an exhaustive list of fields: for MAP/CAP/TCAP/SCCP/Sigtran & Diameter (S6, S9, Sh) interfaces
  • Heuristics detection algorithms, node fingerprinting*
  • Thresholds on allowed traffic rate per operation type per GT*
  • Rules enabling Stateful inspection of SS7 and Diameter traffic
Security Enforcement Point
  • SS7 STP access point (inline or adjunct)
  • Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) access point (adjunct)
  • Inline and adjunct deployment options
  • Active and Monitoring operational modes
  • Support for MAP, CAMEL, TCAP, SCCP, SIGTRAN, & Diameter (S6, S9, Sh) interfaces
Security Management Console
  • Rule & Filter Definition
  • Rules UI enabling operator admin to configure and customise rules for each individual packet
  • Black and White-List configuration (SS7: GT, Number Plan, OpCode & Diameter: Host and Realm)
  • Selection of MAP and CAMEL operations for monitoring
  • Configurable Watchlist for defining and monitoring signalling traffic of subscribers of interest
Advanced Threat Reporting
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Role-level authentication
  • High level view of attacks with drill-down to full details of the original source packet
  • Scheduled reports emailed to key stakeholders
  • Built-in report suite with customized options
  • Streaming SDK enabling third party BI tool integration for deeper interactive investigation and customer driven reports
  • Watchlist report for subscribers of interest
  • Support for geographically distributed signalling firewalls, centralised firewall management and reporting
  • Trusted signalling architecture deployed at scale in Tier 1 operators
  • Bare metal and virtualized today, future proofing for NFV
  • Support for intelligence sharing with open APIs for external analytics platforms

Specification subject to change without notice

Threat Exploration

Security as a focus
  • Leverages the expertise acquired from processing 40 billion security events per day
  • Existing knowledge base of threats and attacks can be applied to SS7 and Diameter Firewall
  • Community feedback with automatic cartridge updates
  • Leading influencers of industry-wide recommendations within major industry bodies for signalling protection in mobile networks
Designed for carriers
  • Built by the leading experts in mobile network security
  • Proven platform scale handling billions of daily transactions
  • Global Threat Intelligence Service leveraging real world intelligence from customer sites on 5 continents
Future Proof
  • New signalling protocols can be added as threats emerge
  • Roadmap of planned enhancements across full Network Protection Platform
Risk Free Decision
  • AdaptiveMobile has the SS7, Diameter and security real world expertise to deal with the emerging signalling network threats
  • By working with the industry leader, you are assured of access to unrivalled market intelligence that can proactively identify and deal with new sources of attacks before they impact your network
  • Option to introduce passive monitoring before active blocking

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