Signalling Protection

Signalling networks using protocols such as SS7, Diameter and GTP are under attack from adversaries and fraudsters, exploiting loopholes in the protocols to breach subscriber privacy, deny access to key services and to directly defraud mobile operators. AdaptiveMobile Security are experts in multi-protocol mobile security attacks.

No network technology is immune from these threats including:

  • 2G, SS7 networks
  • 3G, SS7 and GTP networks
  • 4G, DIAMETER and GTP network
  • 5G, http/2, JSON networks

Mobile operators urgently need to implement a signalling firewall and threat intelligence solution to ensure ongoing trust in their networks before their brand, customers, partners and subsequent revenues are negatively impacted.

With signalling protocols acting as the foundation of mobile communication it is imperative that networks are adequately protected. AdaptiveMobile Signalling Protection secures the signalling networks using a unique combination of a carrier-grade signalling firewall, advanced reporting and a global threat intelligence service. Mobile communications networks are part of Critical National Infrastructure and cannot be allowed to be targeted by attackers.

Securing Every Nation

The solution goes well beyond just a signalling firewall, building on AdaptiveMobile Security’s market leading position in the cyber telecoms industry to block current attacks on the network and to react to emerging threats that seek to bypass standard SS7, Diameter and GTP firewall functionality.

The combination of the AdaptiveMobile Signalling Protection Signalling Protection, SIGIL and our Threat Intelligence Services create a formidable defensive capability.