Not an Ordinary Signaling Firewall

At the core of protecting any network is a firewall, but the challenge of making it effective requires much more. A unique combination of multi-protocol signaling firewalls, global signaling intelligence, and expert signaling security analysts combine to keep attackers in check.

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Cross-protocol, Voice & 5G Ready

Deploying one or more signaling firewalls won’t stop attackers from breaking into your network. Without dedicated expert signaling security management, over attackers will try more advanced cyber attacks and will be able to breach your defenses.

AdaptiveMobile Security Signaling Protection uses a unique combination of:

Carrier-Grade Signaling Firewall

Carrier-Grade Signaling Firewall

Blocking malicious traffic before damage occurs, maintaining and updating the latest detection algorithms

Unified Enhanced Reporting

Unified Enhanced Reporting

Correlation and aggregation of security threats and rapid investigation of complex multi-protocol threats

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Discovering and defending against new and emerging threats using machine learning, global signaling threat intelligence and advanced detection method research


Three-point Defence Against Signaling Threats

Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s Signalling Protection goes well beyond just a signaling firewall to block current attacks on the network and to react to emerging threats that seek to bypass standard SS7, Diameter and GTP-C firewall capability. The solution seamlessly fits into existing network flows.

  • FS.11, FS.19, FS 20 and FS.36 multiprotocol compliant signaling firewall.
  • Enhanced beyond GSMA Cat1,2 and 3 and Low-Layer attack detection security recommendations.
  • Rules are validated and updated with real-world threat analysis from across 5 continents.
  • Flexible powerful rule definitions across an exhaustive list of protocols and parameters MAP/CAP/TCAP/SCCP/Sigtran/Diameter/GTP-C/ISUP/SIP/HTTP2.
  • Cross-Protocol and Location Correlation across SS7/Diameter/GTP-C/voice and 5G.

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Three-point Defence Against Signaling Threats


Advanced Reporting & Cyber Threat Intelligence

Surveillance companies are often in the news, increasingly we see media coverage of real-world mobile network attacks, with impactful headlines related to how surveillance companies are using mobile networks to track you.

  • How do we know attacks are malicious?
  • How are surveillance companies exploiting networks?
  • What does the future look like for 5G?

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Advanced Reporting & Cyber Threat Intelligence


Unified Signaling & Messaging Protection

Mobile network operators’ security shouldn’t be limited or controlled by legacy network infrastructure. Messaging and signaling threats shouldn’t be treated as separate issues. Enea AdaptiveMobile Security Network Protection Platform (NPP) allows Signaling Protection and Messaging Security products to be deployed independently of existing legacy network infrastructure.

  • Ideal for operators who demand telco-grade security capabilities.
  • Available as an appliance or can be deployed into virtualized computing environments.

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Unified Signaling & Messaging Protection

“We remain at the forefront of mobile network signalling security research and this combined with our unique experience of protecting global Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators core networks for over 15 years, means that we are seen as the trusted partner as signalling security threats continue to evolve and emerge.”

Brian Collins

SVP Security, Enea AdaptiveMobile Security


Next Generation Signaling Firewall for Mobile Operators

AdaptiveMobile Signaling Protection secures the mobile networks against the following types of SS7, Diameter and GTP-C-based privacy and fraud attacks:

Location attacks

Blocks and prevents SS7, Diameter and GTPC-C cross protocol subscriber location attacks.

Call and data interception

Blocks, secures and prevents call and data interception attacks.

Denial of service

Secures subscriber data against malicious attacks removing access to key services.

Fraud protection

Detects protocol anomalies and data billing avoidance to protect your revenues.


Securing the Network against Privacy & Fraud Attacks

Discover how Enea AdaptiveMobile Security signaling protection platform can block and prevent signaling attacks against your network. Contact us to talk with one of our signaling security specialists.

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