Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Services

- Advanced Security and Threat Intelligence Services and Research

- Correlation and analysis of over 30 billion dark data events a day

Security & Privacy

Signalling Protection

Securing core infrastructure and services

- SS7 Signalling Protection

- Diameter Signalling Protection

Messaging Security

Resolving complex messaging security problems

SPAM & Phishing

Revenue Assurance

Messaging Revenue Protection

SMS Grey Route and SIMBOX protection

- secures wholesale SMS revenues

- prevents revenue loss to International, National and SIMBOX Networks

Signalling Protection Service

A service for operators who want to protect their subscribers and networks from a growing range of new threats now made possible via easier access to the signalling network. The AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit complements the deployment of Signalling Protection to offer a set of services that meets operators needs to tailor to best understand defence and react to suspicious signalling activity using extensive expertise in signalling and mobile security.

Service Overview

AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit provides two Signalling Protection service packages aimed at meeting the specific requirements of various operators.

The Signalling Security Analysis & Tuning Service Package is designed specifically to support security and fraud departments by allowing them to use the experience of the AdaptiveMobile TIU to commission an initial in-depth analysis of the current signalling network and any particular threats that their network may be experiencing, in order to identify and implement custom rules and procedures to address those threats, as well as other activity for the operator to monitor.

The Signalling Security Investigation and Diagnosis Managed Service Package is designed for operators to get the unique experience and expertise of the AdaptiveMobile TIU to help assist in the follow-up investigation of suspect of confirmed attacks over the signalling network, and to help plan countermeasures and changes to the rulesets as appropriate to respond to new scenarios. For the Managed service, operator staff can log incidents for review via a shared incident tracking system.

All services are provided using AdaptiveMobile’s network-centric security software platform NPP.

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