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AdaptiveMobile Web Protection

The need for mobile and fixed line operators to protect their subscribers from web threats is forever growing. Whether driven by mandatory regulatory requirements for dealing with malware, adult and illegal content, cybercriminals seeking to exploit mobile networks and their subscribers; or poor service levels for subscribers: an unprotected network always leads to lost revenue.

AdaptiveMobile Web Protection provides operators with a scalable, network-based solution, delivering fast, subscriber-level, policy-based control over the web traffic passing through their network, and detailed visibility of the threats affecting their subscribers.

Combining best-in-class categorisation, malware, phishing and botnet feeds, AdaptiveMobile Web Protection delivers carrier-grade web security, keeping all subscribers safe when using the web.

Product Benefits

  • A highly scalable platform providing state-of-the-art web protection across all subscribers mobile devices
  • A network-based approach allows identification and blocking of new threats, prior to them infecting users
  • An easy-to-use centralised management and administration system provides network-wide controls
  • Powerful reporting delivers visibility across all users and bearers through a simple dashboard view
  • Guided drill down assists administrators with threat analysis, enabling fast analysis and response to new and mutating threats

Typical Applications

AdaptiveMobile Web Protection can be used for the following purposes:

Enable Hospitality Wi-Fi Providers: Allowing operators to offer their hospitality Wi-Fi hotspot partners comprehensive controls to enforce appropriate web usage in accordance with their brand.

Comply with regulatory requirements: Meeting the regulatory requirements for malware and adult / illegal content that are becoming a mandatory feature for service providers.

Stop cybercriminals: Overcoming criminal gangs who are seeking to exploit mobile networks and their subscribers.

Improve service level: Avoiding a poor experience for subscribers and consequently damaged brand perception for the network that results from an unprotected network.

Differentiate Core Services: Differentiating an operator’s mobile and broadband service packages with value-added-services to improve competitiveness.

New subscriber-centric services: Making optional subscriber-level controls available to consumers allows operators to create new and stickier services.

Key Product Features

Web Filtering

AdaptiveMobile Web Protection provides a wide range of web security policy enforcement controls for HTTP and HTTPS-based services including web categorisation, blacklist, whitelist and walled garden controls, all configurable based on subscriber, and time of day / day of week.

Customisable Blocked Experience

Fully white-label blocking pages, supports custom redirection down to the subscriber level, and based on the parameters of the site requested.

Flexible policy management

Highly scalable GUI for both operators, enterprise customers and parents / subscribers to manage their own policies, full multi-tenancy, white-label and easy to integrate into an existing operator portal.

Designed for operator networks

Horizontally scalable low-latency protection, with multiple integration options, and carrier grade availability.

LTE & NFV Compliant

Supports mobile operator network evolution strategies.


A true carrier grade solution
  • Customisable and highly scalable
  • Designed for high availability services
  • Provides controls for both fixed and mobile networks
  • Consistent policy applicable across all devices
Provides subscribers with feedback when at risk
  • Subscriber notification when accessing suspicious sites
  • Limit expensive data downloads from known update sites
Generate additional revenue & lock-in through upsell to full personal controls
  • Subscriber level controls available through secure web portal
  • Support for full in-network parental controls
Easily extendible to other types of content
  • Expand platform to filter a broader range of messaging types (SMS, MMS, Email)
  • Apply same engine and policies to minimise administrative overhead

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