Securing 5G Networks

The 5G networks represents huge opportunities for mobile network operators to boost customer experience and grow revenues. But the technologies within 5G networks also bring significant security risks that need to be addressed now, to secure the future.

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Securing the Path from 4G to 5G

The 5th Generation of radio and network technology.

5G networks will be deployed with increasing speed over the next decade. The promise of faster data rates, consistently lower latencies, dedicated network slicing and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) will be enablers to many new applications and services. It is vital that the industry ensures the transition and combination of 4G and 5G networking remains secure.

5G Security Risks

5G Security Risks

5G network architectures are fundamentally more open and accessible using service-based architectures, web style protocols and APIs that are many times more complex than previous networks. With these technologies and complexities comes a higher level of security risk both from outside of the infrastructure and now for the first time, potentially from network slices within.


5G Cyber & Telecom Security

It is recognized by the industry that there are significant security issues relating to 5G. Once again functionality has been accelerated to market by the equipment manufacturers at the expense of the security of the core infrastructure and services. We cannot assume that the security “built-in” to 5G standards and equipment release cycles will be successful in deterring or preventing attackers. Now more than ever, it is critical that mobile network operators prioritize and respond to security attacks effectively and efficiently, leveraging global threat intelligence.

AdaptiveMobile Security provides the solution:

4G / 5G Multi-Protocol Signalling Security Firewall

Securing 4G and 5G interconnections

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Threat Intelligence Services – Signalling Firewall Management

Prioritization of detected threats

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Signalling Intelligence Services

Active responses to changing threat landscape

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Enhanced Security Edge Proxy Platform

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Securing internal network slice operations

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Vertical API Protection

Securing API interfaces

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Securing the 5G Transition

The migration from 4G to 5G will not be an overnight transition, 4G and 5G networks and interworking will be needed for decades to come. It is even more critical that 5G infrastructures and services are secured.

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Securing the 5G Transition

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