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Brand communications with customers must be delivered from a trusted and effective infrastructure. This is even more important for CPaaS providers today as they maintain and grow their customer base. It is critical that this communication channel between brands and customers is not polluted by phishing and spam content and that intelligence and insights are used to your advantage.

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Protecting Valuable Conversations

Protecting Trust and Gaining Insights.

CPaaS providers must be able to defend their infrastructure from bad actors and be able to make proactive and insightful business decisions based on analytical data. Protecting the communications from a brand to its customers is critical to maintaining trust. Pollution of this communications channel through phishing and spam will have a detrimental impact on reputation and profitability. However important this protection is for CPaaS platform it is also critical that they gain market compliance and competitive advantage using insights and analytics.

Tackling Messaging Security Phishing Threats

Tackling Messaging Security Phishing Threats

It is necessary for CPaaS Providers to take control of policing the content that is delivered by their infrastructure. They must take a zero-trust approach to securing network infrastructure and services from phishing and spamming threats. Threat actors are well organized and are highly agile attackers.


CPaaS Threat Detection and Intelligence

To win this battle against advanced threat actors your infrastructure will be continually tested for weaknesses, security will be defined by your ability to effectively manage and maintain the integrity of your defences. It is critical that CPaaS platform providers can prioritise and respond to ever changing security attacks effectively and efficiently, leveraging global and regional threat intelligence.

AdaptiveMobile Security provides the solution:

Curated Messaging Threat Intelligence

  • Message analysis and detection using advanced AI and ML
  • Threat analysis from managed messaging security experts
  • Threat response services to address new threat campaigns

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Messaging Insights

  • Analysis of traffic compliance for regulatory or interconnect requirements
  • Policy enforcement and management
  • Data driven business insights

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Managed Messaging Firewalls

  • Integrated Messaging Security Firewalls (SMS, RCS, MMS, RestFul API)
  • Automated threat detection and business policy enforcement
  • Managed threat detection rules and configuration management

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Messaging Network Attacks

CPaaS companies and traffic levels have exploded in terms of popularity and use. To ensure this growth continues, it is critical to protect the platforms and services from threat actors and to gain critical business insights. This new reality has demanded a zero-trust approach to be taken for many to protect brands and customers. In addition, being able to gain market, customer and service insights to drive business decision making processes and to enforce compliance.

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Messaging Network Attacks

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