National Critical Infrastructure

Mobile Technology is core to many national critical infrastructure sectors. It is vital that governments and regulators secure the mobile networks, services and agencies depending upon these networks. Protection can only be provided by deploying national intelligence led threat detection and response capabilities.

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Mobile Networks are Inherently Insecure

Trust is no longer a viable way of securing your National Critical Infrastructure.

Widely used Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) deployed by advanced threat actors to spoof identities, track location, intercept calls, and initiate denial-of-service attacks to name a few security attacks. Nation-state threat actors have already penetrated global mobile infrastructure. No network technology is secure 3G, 4G and even future 5G technologies.

Tackling these National Threats

Tackling these National Threats

Network infrastructure providers have failed to deliver adequate security as part of their networks and business processes and cannot be entrusted with this responsibility. Unless governments and regulators take a leading role in deploying national level security capabilities, little will change. Zero trust enforced by managed signalling and messaging firewalls using curated threat intelligence offer the only way to stay ahead of sophisticated nation state attackers.


Mobile Infrastructure Threats Detection

To win this battle against advanced threat actors your infrastructure will be continually tested for weaknesses, security will be defined by your ability to effectively manage and maintain the integrity of your defences. It is critical that you are able to detect, prioritize and respond to security attacks effectively and efficiently leveraging global and national threat intelligence.

AdaptiveMobile Security provides the solution:

Curated Signalling and Messaging Threat Intelligence

  • Multi-factor and protocol correlation and detection using advanced AI and ML
  • Threat analysis from managed telecom security experts
  • Intelligence enablement of your Security Operations Centre

Signalling and Messaging Threat Intelligence

  • Threat Hunting and response planning
  • Operational and Tactical Intelligence knowledge base
  • Prioritization and focus your operational threat response

Managed Signalling and Messaging Firewalls

  • Integrated Multi-Protocol Signalling and Messaging Security Firewalls
  • Automated threat detection and correlation
  • Managed threat detection rules and configuration

Other Sectors

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