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As a centre of excellence in mobile security, the AdaptiveMobile Security Threat Intelligence Unit utilises the global deployments of AdaptiveMobile's Network Protection Platform (NPP), present in over 80 operators, and provides state-of-the-art protection through the correlation and analysis of over 40 billion dark data events every day.


Securing the Path from 4G to 5G:
How to protect mobile networks and subscribers during migration


How surveillance companies track you using mobile networks

7th Jan 2021

This presentation analyses how surveillance companies attack mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G) attempting to track the location of mobile phone users, by showing real-life examples.

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Role of Network Security in High Value M2M and IoT Apps

10th Dec 2020

From a M2M or IoT perspective, do you need devices to be secure? Let’s start by saying that calls from one device to another device can be intercepted, messages and security credentials can be intercepted. Even when the devices use secured or encrypted communications, it represents a significant risk to not be using a secured mobile network for connectivity.

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OWASP: Top 5G Vertical Industry Security Risks in 2028

2nd Nov 2020

By imagining the 5G security risks that the vertical industry could face in 2028, we can avoid some security loopholes and be prepared to handle them safely.

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Top 5G network security issues in 2028 - 5G OWASP for Networks

19th Oct 2020

It seems like yesterday that we were talking about 4G technology but today is all about 5G and the new challenges and threats that the deployment of this technology will bring. Based on our deep expertise of the threat landscape, here is a projection of the top 5G network security issues that we may face in 2028.

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Securing the Path from 4G to 5G: How to protect mobile networks and subscribers during migration

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Simjacker Technical Paper

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A New Dawn in Security: Who is Responsible for the Protection of a Nation’s Critical Communications Infrastructure?

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5G - The Security of Things to Come

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5G Networks - How to Secure the Future

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COVID-19 SMS Spam Dashboard

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Securing National Critical Infrastructure Infographic

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