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As a centre of excellence in mobile security, the AdaptiveMobile Security Threat Intelligence Unit utilises the global deployments of AdaptiveMobile's Network Protection Platform (NPP), present in over 80 operators, and provides state-of-the-art protection through the correlation and analysis of over 40 billion dark data events every day.

New Simjacker vulnerability exploited
by surveillance companies for espionage operation


Scammers seek financial help during Covid-19 pandemic

2nd Apr 2020

Here is a further Threat Intelligence analysis of recent Covid-19 themed SMS Spam campaigns. Scammers continue to vary their tactics and take advantage of the pandemic to capitalise on continuously evolving news cycles. The latest iterations are false government relief scam messages.

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Stopping the Spread of Coronavirus Spam

19th Mar 2020

Coronavirus based sms spam is on the rise. Here is what it looks like and what you can do to help stop it.

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Package Delivery SMS spam: delivering messages, you definitely don’t want to open!

2nd Mar 2020

Threat Intelligence Analysis of the Package Delivery Spam text/SMS messages sent out to mobile subscribers in the US.

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Simjacker - Frequently Asked Questions and Demos

11th Oct 2019

We have received a lot of questions since we revealed the existence and active exploitation of the Simjacker vulnerability. Here we put the most common questions, as well as showing example demos of the Location retrieval and Browser-Opening attacks, made possible by Simjacker

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A New Dawn in Security: Who is Responsible for the Protection of a Nation’s Critical Communications Infrastructure?

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5G - The Security of Things to Come

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Turning Grey into Gold

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Shielding the Core - An Analysis of Real World Attacks on the SS7 Network

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Securing National Critical Infrastructure Infographic

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Unique Insight into Global SS7 Vulnerabilities

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Canadian Mobile Spam

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