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As a centre of excellence in mobile security, the AdaptiveMobile Security Threat Intelligence Unit utilises the global deployments of AdaptiveMobile's Network Protection Platform (NPP), present in over 80 operators, and provides state-of-the-art protection through the correlation and analysis of over 40 billion dark data events every day.


Simjacker - Frequently Asked Questions and Demos

11th Oct 2019

We have received a lot of questions since we revealed the existence and active exploitation of the Simjacker vulnerability. Here we put the most common questions, as well as showing example demos of the Location retrieval and Browser-Opening attacks, made possible by Simjacker

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Simjacker – Next Generation Spying Over Mobile

12th Sep 2019

Today we are announcing the existence of the vulnerability and associated exploits that we call Simjacker. We believe this vulnerability has been exploited for at least the last 2 years by a highly sophisticated threat actor in multiple countries, primarily for the purposes of surveillance. Read on to discover more about this ground-breaking attack

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Keeping a Low Profile – Detecting the Presence of IMSI Catchers around the World

20th Aug 2019

Finding IMSI Catchers can be a difficult task, and in some cases they may not be identifiable at all. However we have identified a potential new way to detect IMSI Catchers around the world.

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Is GDPR a Threat to a Country’s National Security?

21st Sep 2018

AdaptiveMobile Security’s CEO, Brian Collins, takes a deeper look at how the new EU regulation could hinder national security initiatives

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A New Dawn in Security: Who is Responsible for the Protection of a Nation’s Critical Communications Infrastructure?

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5G - The Security of Things to Come

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Turning Grey into Gold

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Shielding the Core - An Analysis of Real World Attacks on the SS7 Network

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Unique Insight into Global SS7 Vulnerabilities

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Canadian Mobile Spam

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Unique insight into next-generation location tracking attacks exploiting the SS7 Network

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